Best spanish translation apps iphone

After picking the language pair you'd like to use there are over 40 of them , each person simply speaks in their native language. The app deals with the translation, reading aloud—with surprising accuracy—in the other language. You can also look up words and phrases using your voice, and save common translations in the Phrasebook to use as needed.

If you find yourself regularly asking the same questions, but haven't quite mastered the pronunciation yet, that's definitely a useful feature. Unlike some of the competition, iTranslate Voice isn't free—but if you're looking for one of the best voice-based translation apps on the market, it may well be worth the money. In a market saturated with free apps, offering a paid product is risky. Translator Speak and Translate Pro is different enough, however, that it's worth the money for those who need its features.

Need to talk to the taxi driver to get home, or explain your nut allergy to the waiter without fear of misunderstanding?

These Are the Best Translation Apps for Travelers

This is the app to do it. Languages are automatically detected useful in a group setting , and a conversation can be held without pressing any buttons. The app does require an Internet connection, however—although you can save 'favorite phrases' for offline use, that's about it. This will allow you to test your grammar and pronunciation simultaneously.

Plus, you can share your translations on Facebook, email them or copy and paste them. You can also bookmark translations for easy studying. The app uses text-to-speech software, so you can get the written and spoken translations. You can save your translations for easy access.

Best for Business Trips

You can easily translate from text to text or from speech to speech. The app will also speak any translations if you press the play button or simply shake your device. Plus, you can share the translated text via email, texting or social media. The pro version removes ads and daily limits and offers extra features like the ability to communicate between two devices. Translator with Speech can translate text between 88 languages.

It can also translate spoken words from 23 languages. Thankfully, Spanish is among them. This app can translate spoken or written Spanish into English and spoken and written English into Spanish. You can play audio of your translations or use the written translations. Free English to Spanish Translator for Travelers is sort of a cross between a translator and a phrasebook.

Like a phrasebook, words and phrases are already entered into the app and you select what you want. However, it acts like a translator in that you can put several words and phrases together to construct your own sentences. You can even organize your favorites so that you can plan out conversations ahead of time.

Translate Offline: The free version of iTranslate offers speaking and typing options.

7 Spanish Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy

SpanishDict is incredibly comprehensive. The search bar on the main page allows you to search for specific words and phrases. It also gives you verb conjugations. This app also provides you with a word of the day.

Related Features

It gives you the word in Spanish and then it provides the definition and says the word aloud for you. The word of the day will help your vocabulary grow every day, without fail. These phrases range from greetings and introductions to shopping, sports, sightseeing, camping and health. The phrases are split up into categories which makes studying them extra easy. You can also input your own phrases to translate. In the word game, you start with simple words like rojo and casa.

Like the title suggests, this app is full of phrases and vocabulary.

4 Great Translation Apps for Traveling Overseas

These are split into different categories like weather, time, numbers, animals, colors, food and so forth. One of my favorite features in this app is that it reads the words to you out loud. Well yes, most apps do that, but this one will play recordings at different speeds.

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This app is especially good for beginners, because it always breaks down given phrases into their simplest forms. A dictionary is always useful as a reference. This app comes with a word of the day, flashcards, scanning capability and several games. The word of the day, much like on SpanishDict, will give you a new word every day that you can try and use in a conversation. You can share the words on Twitter and Facebook to help challenge your fellow language learners.

  1. iOS, Android or Windows, Offline or Offline.
  2. How to Use Your Spanish Dictionary App for Language Learning.
  3. 7 Spanish Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy.
  4. The flashcards on this app are drawn from your selected favorites. Before you know it, your Spanish vocabulary will explode. Unlike World Lens, Spanish Dictionary translates the photo word by word rather than as a whole phrase. There are three different games available on this app: Competition is always healthy — it encourages you to be better and to try harder.

    Well there you have it, some amazing apps that are out there for you to explore and use.

    Best I Translate™ App [International language Translator]

    If you download these apps and use them as much as you play Clash of Clans, your Spanish knowledge will grow and your confidence will skyrocket.