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Too bad. Hi, I was just wonder if you guys could, by any chance, upload the wallpaper versions for the 6 s Plus? The ones for that phone are different and I would like to apply them to my 6s Plus, thank you! And I loved the article! Step 1: Download the Fishy Files There are six live fish wallpapers that Apple removed starting in iOS 11, and all of them are linked individually below as. Thanks thanks thannnnnnnnnnnkssss. How can I get the iPhone 7 live wallpapers?

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Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. Apple Just Released iOS Water in Your iPhone's Speaker? How To: Which Stores Accept Apple Pay? They are vibrant and colorful and make the Lock screen look really cool.

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The eye-catching animation adorns both the appeal and style of the wallpapers. Live Wallpapers for Me is one of the coolest wallpaper apps I have ever found. Featuring a vast collection of fascinating images, the app has got both the wide variety and adorable design to be your fine pick.

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You can cruise around from the list of Live Wallpapers and download all that you like. The deep colors call for attention, while the eye-catching design ensures the photos are able to bring life to the screen. With the wide assortment of options on offer, selecting a good-looking wallpaper is never a big ask. And yes, just like many of its counterparts, Black Lite lets you save and share images as well.

Free Download. This app features over captivating Live Wallpapers sorted into different categories. You can surf through the collection and download them to your Camera Roll. The app is specifically designed for 3D Touch-enabled devices. They are available in several categories like car, cool, anime, phone and more. And based on what seems to be perfectly timed for your mood, you will be able to set a nice one as the Lock or Home screen wallpaper.

Moreover, the app adds more than images regularly. Therefore, your collection always has a nice photo to choose from. Plus, this top-notch live wallpaper app also allows you to save the images and share them with your loved ones. Live Wallpapers by Voros Innovation has a wide range of pictures to suit almost all audiences. You have more than professionally designed images to choose from. The collection includes Christmas trees, aquariums, coral reefs, fireplaces, candle lights, beautiful beaches and living landscapes to geometric patterns and more. This wallpaper app from Aaron Kwok is spot on when it comes letting you your Lock screen animate beautifully.

Therefore, you have several options to experiment. I downloaded to check it out. They immediately ask you to sign up for a description. Then I get hit with ad no big deal, They said there would be ads with free account. Then I swipe to see next wallpaper. Guess what?

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Another ad. Then I swipe for another I went to close the ad and instead it opened up into iTunes for me to download the ad app although I know I clicked the X to close. I go back to the app, and the same ad app pops up. I try to close, and it goes to iTubes again.


I force quit for app, start it back up, and it again asks me if I want a subscription or try for free. I choose free again , but then it takes me to iTunes to buy. I try one more time, and as you expect The 2 Buy buttons are at the top and middle. I would have been happy to pay for the app or even sign up for a subscription, but I was never able to actual try the app. We know that ads may be way too intrusive.

To give users ads-free experience, we started offering a free 3-day trial. When you sign up for a trial period, you get access to all live wallpapers. Within the trial period, you can unsubscribe anytime without being charged. Usually, 3 days is enough to make up your mind whether you want to be a Premium member. The good news is the new release is coming soon.

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I only used the app for a minute so far and every single action I took except for saving the first wallpaper in the carousel triggered the subscription screen. Why would I invest in something before having an idea of the value I will get out of it? Especially if my initial interaction is frustrating I also found the intro screens weird and unnecessary. The fact that how to set a wallpaper was explained to me as soon as I opened the app made me wonder whether this app has a different and hard way to set wallpapers.

Everyone knows how to set a wallpaper. The premium ad pops up when you swipe or tap Navigation bar carousel as that feature is Premium. You can still use it which makes browsing the app more convenient, but swiping means seeing the ad. Actually, we give such an opportunity. We offer a free 3-day trial. Did you give it a try? Ads-free experience tastes great. And trust us, not everyone knows how live wallpapers work.

That's why we explain how it works to every user. If that info was helpful and you found live wallpapers beautiful, we'll appreciate any changes in your app rating. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iMessage.

Features coming soon: Use voice to get to the latest browsed category to choose a new theme - In-app search for faster navigation thru hundreds of live wallpapers - Live Photo Maker filters to add even more fun to made-by-you live themes Thanks for all the feedback.

The update you can't miss! Now, turn your videos to wallpapers! Check out: Create wallpapers with any moment that is worth being on your Lock screen. Open the Maker, choose a video from a gallery or shoot a new one.

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Choose a video fragment lasting for at least 3 seconds. Find your wallpapers in My Live Wallpapers category. Save and set as Lock Screen. Tap and Enjoy!