Iphone sim card removal paperclip

These are widely available at a variety of restaurants, and some people even carry them on their person. If you carry a Swiss-Army knife on you, then you already have a plastic toothpick and may not even know it. Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives out there. Keep on eon your key ring and keep them all over the place so you have easy access to your SIM card no matter where you are. Share in the comments!

SIM card: Apple iPhone & iPad on iOS 11

Wood breaks, metal tends to stay solid under stress. It can bend 1st, or snap.

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But I put my money on the toothpick to go every time, especially the flat type. If you have to use one, pick the round type. I have them break when I use them for their actual purpose, you know, getting stuff out between your teeth?

Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus - Remove SIM Card | Verizon Wireless

Used staple and paperclip before. Would not use a toothpick. I would think a toothpick is too big to fit far enough into the little hole. I use my gf's earrings, I'm careful enough to not bend the earring and it just works fine. I saw my co worker use a pin which tore the waterproof rubber ring around the sim tray.

Insert these items straight in and not at an angle. I personally used many of these. Want to comment? Please login or register. PhoneArena Search. Login Register. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets. Share Tweet Share. Despite being just a fictional character from a TV show, MacGyver was a hero to many kids who grew up during the late '80s and the early '90s.

In every episode, he would save the day using nothing but stuff he found lying around. Remember that time when he defused a bomb using a paper clip?

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Yeah, that's the kind of MacGyverisms we're talking about. I am having extreme difficulty freeing the SIM card from my iPhone 4. Opened up the back and found that the lever has been dislodged an empty hole where the pivot is supposed to be at. Tried pulling it out with a makeshift paperclip hook but it hasn't budged even after applying enough force to cut my fingers off.

Seems like a catch Any advice please, guys? SIM doesn't budge an inch. Paperclip comes right out basically straightening itself from the tray hole.

How to use a paperclip to open a SIM holder

There are tiny flecks of metal around the hole. I should probably mention the SIM card was cut from a regular sized one but popped out from various iPhones for years without a hitch.

Using alternatives to get your SIM card out

Ryan Lutz rytz. Josh Mac. If you're confident in disassembly, that's the safest way. You only have to remove screws up to the board level no ribbons for components on exterior, etc. Once you remove all the screws you'll be able to push the sim out from the opposite side or literally remove the board using the sim tray as an anchor to pull itself out. I definitely wouldn't go hacking away at this unless it's with a 00 screwdriver.