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The lowest tier boasts 60 channels of live television. The highest tier gets up to over channels. Unfortunately, the app itself still needs a lot of work.

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The developers are definitely working out some bugs. Thus, this isn't the first choice we'd recommend for an all digital live TV service. Those that can take advantage of that should probably do so, at least to try it out. It's definitely the worst on this list, but it's still one of only five TV apps that do live TV. HBO Now Price: It's similar to HBO Go, except you can pay for this one separately.

It gives you unmitigated access to HBO's lineup of shows. That includes the venerable Game of Thrones, Westworld, comedy specials, documentaries, and more. The app itself works pretty well. It includes support for Chromecast. The streaming quality is quite good as well. It's not bad for what it is. However, it's also a little expensive considering that it's just one channel. It's okay as far as TV apps go. And the best media streaming device you can buy is… There's no doubt about it; many people who love television are ditching cable and satellite connections and are using their home Internet network to stream TV shows and movies to their big screen televisions.

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Hulu Live TV Price: Hulu is one of the biggest TV apps out there. It has a whole bunch of older shows, older seasons of current shows, movies, and more. In , they also started doing live TV. You can also purchase an add-on for Showtime, HBO, and others.

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It's an excellent one-stop-shop. The prices can stack up quickly, though, especially if you want extras like HBO. Netflix Price: Everybody knows about Netflix. It's the place to go when you just want to turn something on and binge for hours. It doesn't do live TV. However, it does have an absolute stockpile of TV shows. That includes current shows, old shows, and even anime. In many cases, Netflix will have most seasons.

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It's a great way to catch up on some classics. However, Netflix takes a long time to get new seasons of current shows that they carry. It's easily the most popular of all TV apps. Take a break and check out these awesome app lists!

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It comes with four options. The service is actually pretty decent. There are a bunch of channels, including live sports, movie channels, and popular live TV. The app isn't on a ton of other platforms. However, it does cover the PS4, mobile, and it has casting support.

The app had an incredibly rough start. It is starting to recover, though, and it's definitely an improvement from its early days. Sling TV is probably the best of the live TV apps right now. It's also the most customizable. You can then add on a bunch of packages depending on your needs. They have stuff for comedy, sports, kids, and even HBO. The app is just okay.

It has Chromecast support. It also has some bugs that need worked out. It's also available on tons of other devices aside from mobile. That makes it one of the better live TV apps.

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VRV Price: VRV is probably the best streaming service for indie content, anime, and other unusual types of TV. The service is a conglomeration of other services. Watch TV channels in one app. Get a TVPlayer Premium subscription to watch an extra 35 channels. Download from the Amazon store. Watch all of the best television in the UK on your Android phone or tablet. You can watch 62 free channels and 35 premium channels all in one place. Download from the Google Play store. Install the app for your iPhone or iPad from the App Store, choose the programme you want from our channels, and then watch it live or on demand.

Download from the App Store. Enjoy watching your favourite channels on your Freesat box! Our Apple TV product allows you to easily surf between channels.