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You can download all of them for free or choose any one according to your need. By downloading the free ringtones you can customize the sound of your phone easily.

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They are of high quality sound track that suits any mobile phone. You will find original melodies, soundtracks, and music in these top 10 free ringtones for download. It gives you an opportunity to forget boredom of listening the same ringtone every time.

Want to blend in as a pseudo-secret agent? The phones ring a lot in this series, and when they do, you hear this sound. Who ever thought a ringtone could be scary? In Jurassic Park 3, one of the dinosaurs swallows a cell phone. Geico is the king of fun commercials, and one of their older ones features a great ringtone. We end with perhaps the most classic mobile ringtone of all. For many people, a Nokia phone was their first cell phone. Thus, this short tone alerted thousands to their first on-the-go phone call.

Nokia has released several renditions of this, including a piano and dubstep mix, but the original beep-boop reigns supreme. We recommend you take a browse and find which one you like best. Start by finding your favorite above, then right-clicking it and choose Save As. Place it somewhere on your computer for safekeeping. Here's a complete guide to finding, editing, and setting a new ringtone on Android. Read More.

The easiest way is using Pushbullet to send the files from your desktop to your phone. Have a look there to set your new tone!

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Here are the best ways to do cross-device file transfers. Then use the app on your phone to download the files to your internal storage. Check the Downloads folder and follow the same procedure as above.

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Then you can assign it through the Settings menu. Unfortunately, assigning ringtones on iOS is a massive pain and requires jumping through several hoops in iTunes. Read More , so check that out for the full steps.

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Lots of people have a favorite movie soundtrack or song as their ringtone. But you can stand out by using one of these retro tones instead. But keeping them on your phone is a fun idea for when you need to step back into the past for a bit.

Why not use some classic video game music an awesome new ringtone? And to boost the volume of your Android phone, try one of these volume booster apps! Explore more about: Android , Android Customization , Ringtones. Your email address will not be published. Extremely useful. I have changed my ringtones to loud rotary phones months ago because in the loud commotion of street noise I could even hear my assortment of Samsung Ringtones.

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No kidding, the public sphere through which many of us commute to work is so loud that "regular" cute ringtones cannot be heard. And it doesn't get anymore classic than Super Mario Brothers when it comes to video games.

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  5. As far as we're concerned, the Super Mario Brothers theme is to videogame sountracks as Stairway to Heaven is to that guy noodling ceaselessly in Guitar Center. This polyphonic tone combines synthesized bass, a melody on bells and piano chords to inspire the thrill of chills. You'll find it on Jamster. Traditionalists and those who can't be bothered to download additional ringtones alike keep this, the original real tone, alive and in the top ten.

    You know the one. To paraphrase, Do da lu do, do da lu do, do da lu do, do. Everybody loves Star Wars, and probably always will. So, how could we not include it here.