Samsung galaxy s3 volume control button

To turn the volume up, press the Volume up button. To turn the volume down, press the Volume down button. To change the volume settings within the menu system, touch Apps. Scroll to and touch Settings.

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Touch Sound. Touch Volume.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Volume Button Replacement

To decrease the volume of the ringtone, move the slider for Ringtone to the left. To decrease the volume of notifications, move the slider for Notifications to the left. To decrease the volume of the system, move the slider for System to the left.

To increase the volume, move the sliders to the right. Was this article useful? Yes No.

Samsung Galaxy S III™

Related articles. So, together with our troubleshooter series, we publish posts that contain basic and advanced tutorials and guides. In this post I included two very important procedures—wiping the cache partition and performing factory reset.

These two are the most common solutions to many problems especially those that are related to apps and firmware. Now, find out if you already know the following tutorials:. These caches are used every time a user opens apps. They are basic information that makes the process smoother and faster.

However, there are times when these files get corrupted and affect the normal operation of the phone. If this happens, they have to be deleted so that the system will cache newer sets of data. Factory Reset means that all factory defaults will be applied back to the device deleting all user settings and preferences.

Volume Controls - Samsung Galaxy S® III

So, before following the steps below, make sure you backed up your important data. Master Reset, otherwise known as Hard Reset, will delete all your settings and data, then reformat the data partition. But just like Factory Reset, it will leave all firmware updates in the phone. So, after the reset, the phone will still be running Jelly Bean.

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Galaxy S3 is a powerful phone and with all its features enabled, its battery can only last for so long. One good way to monitor how much battery is left is to display the percentage on the notification bar. Turn on the sync back and the problem would be gone.

Get More Volume Control for Better Musical Clarity - Samsung Galaxy S3 [How-To]

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