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About Google Earth. Google Earth puts an amazing world of exploration at your fingertips, with a huge amount of geographical information and a convenient display of points of interest that Google Maps doesn't quite give.

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Fully-textured 3D buildings in many locations provide a real flyby experience of major cities and popular destinations, while detailed, selectable layers are easy to display and interpret. More images.

Google Earth is a free application developed by Google for Android that enables users to explore the world without leaving the comfort of their home. This app lets users explore a 3D globe of the Earth, with satellite imagery, aerial photography, and various information layers overlaid on the globe.

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Users can freely tilt, rotate, and zoom on the map, which display more pertinent information as the zoom level increases. Google Earth lets users search for places, cities, businesses and landmarks, by keyword search or by voice. It also allows users to browse layers such roads, borders, and even 3D buildings, to get any information they need about a certain place.

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Google Earth also links up with Google Street View, allowing users to explore a wide array of locations at street level. VisitTom's Guide for more of the best free apps for Android , as well as the latest Android news and updates.

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View the same 3D imagery and terrain available in the desktop version of Google Earth. Fly to your current location with the touch of a button.

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Pan, zoom, and tilt your view as you travel the globe. Search for cities, places, and businesses around the world with Google local search. Speak your queries in English, Mandarin, or Japanese.