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Of course, I'm talking about the updated WatchON app, Samsung's built-in entertainment companion which can control your television, explore everything that's live on TV, and even purchase movies and shows.

Beyond Remotes

This guide is also applicable to the Samsung Galaxy S4 , as that device also has a built-in IR blaster. You won't be able to install it without it. Once the installation process is complete, an additional updated Galaxy S5 version of the WatchON app will appear in your app drawer, to the right of the original WatchON app so you know the difference.

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If you don't want two applications bogging down your device, disable the old version icon to the left by holding down on it in the app drawer and dragging it to Disable app. In the remote control panel, the keys have stayed in relatively the same position. The power, volume, and channel buttons are slightly bigger, making them easier to tap on and use. What is new in the remote control panel is the ability to add favorite channels across the top of the remote, accessible by tapping on the plus sign near the top right.

How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy S5 as a TV Remote

At the bottom of the remote we got the Mute, Source, and keys, just a tad bit smaller than the originals and with slightly redesigned icons. If you swipe up from the bottom of remote, you'll bring up the more feature-packed options, where the keys are pretty much in the same place—just slightly redesigned. After setting up the new version of WatchON selecting a TV and cable provider , you'll see that the homepage has drastically changed.

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Instead of small blocks of twos side-by-side showing a television show left below , the new WatchON is now a list of shows, with the addition of episode information, channel, and run-time right below. At the top, you'll see that the search has been transplanted from the side-menu to the main homepage for easier use. The TV guide was redesigned in the same scope as everything else; minimal, information-packed and just sleeker in general.

The side menu is still available by tapping on the three-line menu at the top left. Reminders and Recently watched are two new additions to the menu. If you tap on TV shows or Movies , you'll be taken to a new section of the menu where you can go through new, popular, and recommended shows and films, which you can then rent and purchase through third-parties. If you want, you can assign an S Pen feature, instead of an app, for this operation. For example, you can choose one of the following S Pen features: For each app, you can customize the actions.

You can also turn on or off app actions individually. To customize the app actions for the single press, you need to tap single press field marked as 5 in the screenshot shown above. Available actions will pop-up, and you can select one.

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In most regions, the Samsung voice recorder app was not pre-installed. You can get it in Galaxy Apps. If you need a voice recorder on Galaxy Note 9, this app is actually better and free than many other paid apps.

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 into a remote control

You can turn on or turn off S Pen remote control for the voice recorder app using the switch S Pen remote control supports Google Chrome browser. You can turn on or turn off this support by tapping the switch The available app actions for the single press 14 and double press 15 include:. You can press the S Pen button to start a stopwatch. If the stopwatch has started, it will mark the laps.

So, Samsung gives you the Hancom Office as a free alternative. When you are using Hancom Show corresponding to PowerPoint in Microsoft Office for a presentation screen mirroring, screencasting or DeX mode , you can use the S Pen as a wireless presenter. The available app actions of Hancom Show for the single press 17 and double press 18 include:. Of course, you can turn on or turn off the S Pen remote control support for Hancom office You may customize app actions corresponding to the single press 20 and double press 21 as:.

Besides the pre-installed apps, Galaxy Note 9 allows you to use S Pen remote control for all third-party camera apps and media player apps. You can turn on or turn off the S Pen camera remote by tapping the switch For third-party camera apps, you can only define app action 23 for the single press.

Please note, the settings do NOT affect Samsung camera app. They apply to third-party camera apps only.